We develop wide-ranging solutions for environmental management. We are specialised in the implementation and full compliance of environmental law, although we put into practice a wide range of environmental activities.
Please, do not hesitate to ask for further information about our services and sectors.

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Environmental Quality

    • Environmental authorizations, permits and communications.
    • Studies of urban environment quality.
    • Heritage protection studies.
    • Management of dangerous goods.
    • Pollution analysis, management and treatment.
    • Processing of IPPC and adjustment of facilities.
    • Design and implementation of corrective measures.
    • Analysis and evaluation of pollutants in the marine environment.
    • VOCs, reports of industrial activity and projects of corrective measures.
    • Risk analysis of polluted soils.
    • Land studies (Preliminary state and progress reports or equivalent reports).

Eco-management, Eco-audit and Eco-labelling

    • Eco-labelling and environmental guarantee.
    • Audits and environmental verification.
    • Environmental Management Systems (ISO, EMAS, ect).
    • Systems of integrated management/quality/EFQM/OSHAS.

Corporate Social Responsibility

    • Reports of corporate sustainability.
    • Spreading of environmental behaviour (GRI, sustainability).
    • Design and monitoring of sustainability guidance.

Eco-innovation and Eco-efficienc

    • Basic research applied to environmental sciences and sustainability.
    • Transfer of environmental technology and sustainability.
    • Analysis of life cycle.
    • Environmental design of products: Eco-design

Advice, Development and Fulfilment of Environmental Law

  • Environmental consulting and legal advice
  • Studies and analysis
  • Advice on Chemical safety. Product stewardship

Planning, analysis and Biodiversity management

  • Natural areas management
  • Recovery planning.
  • Fauna and Flora management
  • Management of agricultural systems and game preserves.
  • Recovery, management and stewardship plans of endangered species.
  • Planning of natural interest areas (Ex. Planning of fluvial areas)

Land Use Planning and Management

  • Land use and Town planning (PGOU, PAI, POUM…)
  • Studies of land-use change
  • Plans of sustainable development
  • Declaration of Community interest
  • Littoral integrated management

Environmental awareness, Training and Communication

  • Environmental training (environmental training programs, environmental educator etc)
  • Environmental interpretation (environmental guide).
  • Environmental communication (Environmental outreach and publicity materials, environmental journalism, etc.)

Waste Management

  • Waste management plans and studies.
  • Integrated systems of waste management.
  • Regulations and procedures.
  • Minimization plans, prevention or reduction of waste and packages.
  • New technologies implementation.
  • Management of waste / improvement plants and recycling centres.
  • Development of campaigns for selective waste collection (i.e. organic fraction)

Water Waste Management

  • Water purification and desalination plants, reuse and advanced treatments.
  • Design of water treatment processes.
  • Use management and water supplies.
  • Planning and integrated management of water resources.
  • Management plans of drainage basins
  • Drought management plans
  • Water inspections
  • Integrated management of coasts

Sustainable construction

  • Site environmental management. Environmental technical assistance for the site management. Site environmental monitoring (training included)
  • Site environmental surveys and plans
  • Environmental auditor on site
  • Environmental follow-up on site
  • Building site project management draw up.
  • Draw up and monitoring of surveys and plans for waste management derived from construction and demolition.
  • Plans for eco-efficiency measures

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Co-ordination and execution of environmental impact studies.
  • Advice on environmental impact statement.
  • Environmental tracking plan.
  • Strategic environmental assessment

Climate Change and Energy

  • Mitigation plans and adaptation to climate change.
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Compensation studies of Greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Energy management.
  • Optimization and energy saving.
  • Energy audits.
  • Feasibility and exploitation of renewable energy.
  • Installation of renewable energies.
  • Energy certification of buildings